How I built MikadoApp, an open-source application for the Mikado Method

Discover how I built theMikadoApp, an open-source application leveraging the Mikado Method. Learn about technical choices, practices, and the steps to deploy an MVP. Discover the challenges faced and lessons learned in the development process.

The Mikado Method: Small Steps, Big Improvements

Enhance your codebase with the Mikado Method – a focused approach for incremental improvements without breaking your codebase. Tailored for brownfield development, ensure code stability and effortless feature integration. Collaborate effectively with MikadoApp and achieve rapid code enhancements through Trunk Based Development.

My feedback about example mapping

Example mapping is a good way to align the team's understanding of domain problems and help your team to better collaborate. Last but not least, it eases to refine your stories and improve your backlog prioritization.