How to reduce coupling in your React app

The dependency inversion principle is a great design pattern, it makes applications more modular and easier to test. A React Context can help to implement this pattern in a React application. Learn how in this new blog article.

What is the difference between CQS and CQRS patterns?

CQS and CQRS are misunderstood design patterns. They are more simple than people think! CQS is about dividing an object's methods into two categories: commands and queries while CQRS is about separating query and command into two objects.

The command bus design pattern

The goal of command and the event bus is to deliver a command or an event to its handler(s). Events and commands are objects used to encapsulate information needed to achieve an action (a command) or to tell what happened in the system (an event).

Persisting entities without ORM

The repository pattern provides a good abstraction to manage object persistence. Even if a lot of projects use an ORM, persisting entities do not necessarily require it.

OOP: how to build an object

Object-oriented programming: primary and secondary constructors. The primary constructor is the default way to build an object with all its dependencies. The secondary constructors provide other ways to build objects depending on use cases.

How to validate a command?

Domain validation ensures your aggregate cannot be built in an invalid state but that is not enough to give good feedback to the end users. Validating commands is the best to prevent their processing if data given by users are wrong.

Command and command handler design pattern

Discover the command design pattern in software development. Learn how commands represent user intents, handled by command handlers. Learn practical tips, examples, and insights for efficient command validation.